Healthy Public Lands Conference

Registration is now open for the first annual conference of the Healthy Public Lands Project! Just announced: We will be offering an option to livestream the conference; see the sliding scale information below for more details.

Join us in Utah from June 1-3, 2022 to take part in a conversation about our collective vision to ensure that public lands are managed to prioritize healthy ecosystems for wildlife and present and future generations.

The Healthy Public Lands Project is a network of local, regional and national conservation groups working to improve the way livestock grazing is managed on our public lands so that watersheds and wildlife habitat are healthy and thriving. Our collective vision is to ensure that public lands are managed to prioritize healthy ecosystems for wildlife and present and future generations.


We are very excited to take a deep dive with you into a variety of topics in support of this critical and timely effort to bring light to the current state of public lands and chart a path toward meaningful conservation outcomes that enhance biodiversity and contribute to a future supporting healthy lands, wildlife and humans for generations to come.


So please join us in Salt Lake City for two and half days of dialog, discussion, and debate. We’re looking forward to your input and questions and the opportunity to connect.

June 1-2: Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Panels will include a wide range of topics relating to livestock grazing on public lands. There will be in-house lunches and a reception dinner on the first night.

Keynote speakers include Rob Davies, Alastair Lee Bitsóí and Brooke Larsen!


We will also be featuring a screening of "Rewilding a Mountain."

Please see the conference schedule for more details.

June 3: Field Trip to a Nearby Public Lands Grazing Allotment
  • How to tell what’s going on with our public lands: tools for assessment

  • Normalized degradation: Seeing the land for what it once was and could be again

  • What to do: How to report your findings and get involved with public lands management decisions


June 1-3, 2022


Moot Courtroom, University of Utah Law School
Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Utah Law School Moot Courtroom Terrace

We hope to see you in June.

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University of Utah Law School Moot Courtroom

Address: 383 South University St E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

We encourage you to use public transportation to our events.


Take the TRAX University line (the Red line) to the Stadium stop and walk a half block north. For other public transit options such as the bus use UTA’s Trip Planner. The law school is on the Red Route for the University’s free campus shuttles (College of Law stop).

Driving instructions are available here:


​Parking is available at the Rice-Eccles Stadium lot across (just south) from the law school; signs are posted at each entrance to the lot. Please park in any available “A” or “U” permit parking stall in the lot and either use the parking app (info on signs) or go to one of the kiosks to pay $11 for a full day of parking.  Do not park at the parking meters in the stadium lot.


*All bookings must be complete at least 30 days prior to the event

$119 per night for single/double

$129 per night for 3 or 4 people

Address: 230 W 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


$225 per night

Address: 480 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City UT 84108

Phone: ​1-800-228-9290 (reference "Healthy Public Lands Conference")

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Sliding Scale Registration Rates

Supporter Rate: $100

This rate reflects the true cost of the conference and supports those with fewer resources to participate in the summit for reduced or no cost to them. Please consider paying this rate if you are financially secure or have the support from your work or organization to participate.

Base Rate: $50

This rate is what we would charge all attendees in the absence of a sliding scale. Please pay this rate if you have sufficient resources to comfortably meet your financial needs.


Reduced Rate: $25

This rate reflects our acknowledgment that there are people whose economic circumstances would prevent them from having access to this summit if expected to pay the base rate. Please feel free to pay this rate if you are unable to pay the Base Rate.

Non-interactive live streaming option: $25

We are pleased to announce that there will be an option to live stream the conference for those that are unable to attend in person. The link provided will be for viewing only as we don’t have the capacity to manage an interactive live stream. We are asking for a minimum donation of $25 to help cover the cost of offering this service and ask that you consider donating at a higher level if that is affordable to you in order to help cover the overall costs of hosting the conference.


Student Rate: Free

Payment will be processed via an organizing partner's website, and we ask that you inform us of your chosen rate when you register below. If you need to pay by check, please email for more information.

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